Faculty profiles are among the most visited pages on the entire hopkinsmedicine.org website. Frequented by patients and researchers both within and outside of Hopkins alike, the faculty profiles can provide a snapshot of your CV, recent publications, credentialed locations and more. While some information is automatically populated based on credentialing, the most effective profiles include bios, research summaries and/or videos that can only be added by request of the faculty member. With JHM's "Find a Doctor" and new "Find a Researcher" features, current and completed profiles are becoming increasing useful.

To update your profile complete the form at the following link or simply scroll to the bottom of your profile and click “Is This You? Edit Profile.”

https://jira.jh.edu/servicedesk/customer/portal/7/create/65 (providers will need to be signed into the VPN to access)

You can then choose to be granted access to make your own changes or submit your changes to the web team.

Click here for the full User Guide: www.hopkinsmedicine.org/updatemyprofile

To search faculty profiles, visit:

For  assistance, email DrDirectory@jhmi.edu.

Still not convinced? Visit the web service team blog for more information and statistics:



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