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Match Day 2015

Congratulations to our residency programs for a very successful match this year. Our department continues to attract some of the top talent from across the country, and we want to thank everyone who participated in this process over the past several months.

Internal Medicine Program at Johns Hopkins BayviewPAVaerial2

This year’s Internal Medicine Program at Johns Hopkins Bayview, led by Dr. Colleen Christmas, program director, associate program directors Drs. Sammy Zakaria, Jennifer Hayashi and Erica Johnson and program administrator Lisa Shirk, has once again attracted top students from Johns Hopkins and througout the country. With approximately 20 percent of the future interns being members of underrepresented minorities and 50 percent being women, it is clear that the program continues to attract a diverse collection of individuals. The program’s 2015 match list is as follows:


Mays Ali—Johns Hopkins University

Krishna Juluri—Johns Hopkins University

Tamara Ashvetiya—Johns Hopkins University

Abhishek Agnihotri—All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Helaine Kwong—University of Toledo

Asa Tapley—University of California San Francisco

Michale Melgar— University of California San Francisco

Kyrstin Lane—University of Virginia

Karan Desai—Albany Medical College

Carolyn Park—Drexel University


Primary Care:

Hersh Goel—University of Arizona

Mariah Dewnsap-Dreisinger—University of Missouri

Joseph Nwadiuko—University of Pittsburgh

Jarratt Pytell—Louisiana State University

Ashley Ingolia—Louisiana State University

Amanda Morden—Florida State University



Jonathan Mayer—Columbia University

Will Tsao—Johns Hopkins University

Christine Royer—George Washington University

Sarah Berth—University of Illinois

Andrew Billnitzer—Texas Tech University

Leah Dickstein—Case Western Reserve University


Osler Medical Training Program at Johns Hopkins Hospitalbillings_061212

With a total of 370 applicants, the Osler Medical Training Program directed by Dr. Sanjay Desai saw a 200 percent increase in the number of MD-PhDs and inducted a trainee in a newly designed Internal Medicine/Genetics 4-year program. Thanks to the work of Kelliann Dell, Jennifer Jackson and Ashley Creshaw in the residency program office as well as countless housestaff, fellows and faculty, the program’s 2015 match list is as follows:


Amol Agarwal—University of Pennsylvania

Kaushik Amancherla—University of Illinois

Willard Applefeld—University of Maryland

Deepak Atri—Yale University

Adam Diehl—Johns Hopkins University

Kevin Eaton—Baylor College of Medicine

Ryan Fleming—University of Texas Southwestern

Yuri Hanada—Mayo Clinic

Joseph Heng—Yale University

Chad Hochberg—University of Chicago

Ken Hui—Yale University

Calvin Kagan—University of Vermont

Andrew Karaba—Northwestern University

Sara Karaba—Northwestern University

Numan Khan—Baylor College of Medicine

Russell Ledford—University of Georgia

Igor Makhlin—Commonwealth Medical College

Rebeccah McKibben—Johns Hopkins University

Joseph Meyer—Rochester University

Kara Mirski—Johns Hopkins Univeristy

Joseph Murray—University of Georgia

Victor Nauffal—Auburn University

Cynthia Okoye—Tulane University

Jeffrey Patterson-Fortin—Western Ontario University

Amanda Peel—Vermont University

Karlo Perica—Johns Hopkins University

Laura Platt—Duke University

Vishal Rao—University of North Carolina

Danielle Robinett—Michigan State University

Vasanth Sathiyakumar—Vanderbilt University

Laura Sena—Northwestern University

Jessica Shay—University of Pennsylvania

Alexander Sun—University of Pennsylvania

Kathleen Tompkins—University of North Carolina

Shannon Walker—Johns Hopkins University

Alison Wand—University of Pennsylvania

Jeffrey Wang—Louisiana State University



Matthew Alvin—Case Western Reserve University

Christopher Bailey—Johns Hopkins University

James Gugger Jr.—SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Minh-Phuong Huynh-Le—Johns Hopkins University


Medicine Genetics:

Anya Mezina—Emory University


Urban Health:

Michael Poke—Vanderbilt University

Alexander Rittenberg—Boston College

Shakira Sanchez-Collins—Duke University

Christopher Steele—University of Connecticut



Justin Berk—Texas Tech University

Zachary Gitlin—Columbia University

Joseph Muller—Case Western Reserve University

Robin Ortiz—Loyola College


Kelsey Bennett