Dr. Anderson will be giving a presentation entitled “Research Integrity, the Importance of the Responsible Conduct of Research” on Thursday, May 14 at 3:30 p.m. in the Wood Basic Science Building Auditorium. The presentation will also be simulcast to Carroll Auditorium on the Bayview campus. This will be the ninth lecture in the 2014-2015 Dean’s Research Integrity Lecture Series.

For more information, click here: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/Research/OPC/Research_Integrity/responsible_conduct_DeanRILectures_14_15.html

To register, click here: https://lms14.learnshare.com/dashboard/dash.home.aspx?Z=tXboOeBFcUysvNgdE0ueELmWwOXIQJb7T2XRoBd7VCW55xZcxXgeifTWd19VXBDa

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