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The ASCI – Why Apply?

The American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI, is currently accepting nominations for membership (deadline September 18, 2015). While you may be aware that the ASCI is the publisher of the Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI), becoming a member means much more than that, particularly for those seeking promotion to professor.

ASCI membership is open to physician-scientists in any specialty who have, relatively early in their career, “accomplished meritorious original, creative and independent investigations in the clinical or allied sciences of medicine.” Thus, there is an age limit for nomination: you must be 50 or younger in 2015. The process is highly selective: only 80 new members may be elected each year, but you may be nominated three times, so it’s wise to start trying in your mid-40s.

Most importantly, applying for nomination in the ASCI is formative, because it requires a crystallization of one’s work into a nomination statement by the proposer and supporting statement by the seconder. This nomination statement must articulate, succinctly, the nominee’s seminal contribution to biomedical science; similarly, the nominee’s most significant publications and invited lectures are described in that context. Going through this process is synergistic with professorial promotion; as such, ASCI membership is a significant asset when pursuing promotion.

Accomplished physician-scientists are encouraged to consider ASCI membership. Your division director, ASCI representative (Dr. Stuart Ray), Dr. Anderson or Dr. Golden will be able to help guide you in this process.

Here is a listing of ASCI members from Johns Hopkins:

For more details, the nomination guide is here:



Kelsey Bennett