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Introducing the New Clinical Affairs Feature

This will be the start of a regular blog feature outlining updates in the clinical affairs capacity. Please look for it every first and third Thursday of each month.

The vision of the Johns Hopkins Department of Medicine Clinical Affairs enterprise is three-fold:

1. High-value, safe, patient and family centered care delivery and education

Since its inception, the DOM has existed to provide the highest quality, safest care to patients from within our neighborhood and around the world. This goal remains core to who we are and our essential priority. We aim to continuously improve our delivery of care, providing high-value care for the most complex needs while innovating both new treatment modalities and patient-centered care delivery methods. We aim to achieve these goals through creating a working environment that promotes faculty, nursing and staff engagement and fosters professional growth. In collaboration with the department’s Office of Education, we further aim to nurture an environment that supports the highest level of educational excellence in these areas for our trainees.

2. Innovation in clinical care delivery, addressing immediate clinical safety and financial risk

JHM represents a union between JHH, the School of Nursing and the School of Medicine. This unified structure can be leveraged to promote interdisciplinary programs that address complex illnesses, enhance efficiency and improve access to clinical care. We aim to work with leaders across Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) and the Schools of Medicine and Nursing to build innovative service lines that are supported by efficient financial models and directed collaboratively.

The success of our clinical enterprise will partly reside in our ability to be a 'learning' health center. Applying rigorous analytic approaches to measure the impact of clinical programs on process, clinical and economic outcomes measures will enable us to (1) support more successful business plan development by our faculty and (2) allow successful experiences to be published, advancing our academic mission. Enhancing integration of the academic mission with the growing operations focus on quality will enhance opportunities for scholarship in safety and health system innovation.

3.  Foster Clinical Integration with Health System Partners

The DOM will facilitate integration of best practices and clinical services within the department (Broadway and Bayview). We will also collaborate with the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, JHH and JHHS to facilitate integration of successful DOM inpatient and ambulatory clinical programs into JHM infrastructure.

The DOM will work diligently to develop effective partnerships within the JHHS (including efforts with Ambulatory Administration, JHCP, JHI, OJHP and the CPA, among others) in order to achieve our common goal of providing the best care possible to all of our patients at onsite and offsite, regulated and unregulated clinics. The DOM will work collaboratively with these JHHS partners and other departments within JHH and the School of Medicine to identify best practice approaches that will facilitate care of all of our patients in the highest value, lowest cost setting that is most appropriate for their needs.


Kelsey Bennett