Department of Medicine Top Fundraiser at 2015 American Diabetes Association Step Out: Walk To Stop Diabetes

The totals are in and the Department of Medicine was the top Johns Hopkins Medicine fundraiser at this year’s Baltimore American Diabetes Step Out Walk—raising $23,408! We nearly met out $25,000 goal thanks to the efforts of our outstanding team captains.  We had 6 teams raise over $1,000:

  • Diabetes Center and Division of Endocrinology ($5,786)
  • General Internal Medicine/Welch FORZA BRANCATI ($5,364)
  • DOM Chairman’s Office ($2,194)
  • DOM Immunogenetics Laboratory ($1,954)
  • Hopkins Walkers (Development Office Team; $1,519)
  • DOM Cardiology Bayview ($1,488)

Thank you to all of our outstanding and energetic team captains for this AMAZING accomplishment!

  • Alison Agrawal
  • Ashleigh Ford
  • Ashlyn Sowell
  • Calvin Staten
  • Chenelle Johnson
  • Cookie Moning
  • David Harriman
  • Denice Jones
  • Hailey James
  • Helena Johnson
  • Lauren Crabtree
  • Linda Kern
  • Maria Bettinotti
  • Monique Linton and Kim Sweitzer
  • Nisa Maruthur and Megan Brown
  • Skye Jones

Finally, our very own Sherita Golden was named the 2015 Diabetes Hero for the Baltimore Step Out Walk for her contributions to diabetes research and clinical care. We look forward to making an even greater impact in 2016!