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Bumpus named contributor for Science Magazine

Namandje Bumpus, associate professor in the Division of Clinical Pharmacology and associate dean for institutional and student equity, has recently become a contributor for Science, where she will write about issues regarding educational equity.

To read her first piece, published earlier this month, click here:

Below, Dr. Bumpus answers questions about her new role from Eric Bass, vice chair for Faculty Development and Promotions.

Eric Bass: How did the opportunity arise for you to write about educational equity issues for Science?

Namandje Bumpus:  I was communicating with the editor of the careers portion of Science (Science Careers) about equity in graduate education and how it can impact career decisions. We then decided that I should start writing about it.

EB:  To what extent did policies in the Department of Medicine help or hinder your pursuit of a career as an investigator?

NB:  Being part of the Department of Medicine has certainly helped my development as an investigator because of the high level of support and encouragement to pursue my areas of interest.

EB:   What do you see as the most important next steps for the Department of Medicine to make in promoting inclusion of a diverse group of scholars?

NB:  I think that the department is a leader already in the area of inclusion within the SOM and that it is important that we can continue to provide career development opportunities for faculty and learners from a range of backgrounds.


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