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Provider Satisfaction

In the era of patient-centered care, a tremendous amount of time and energy is expended in understanding the experience, perspective and needs of our patients. Understanding the patient perspective is critical to providing the excellent care in which we as a department always aspire. Meeting the needs of our patients in the hospital or in the clinic requires that we work with focus, commitment and attention to detail.

With the increasing demands of busy practices, creating an environment in which clinicians can do their best work becomes more and more challenging. At times, accomplishing even simple administrative tasks can become a burdensome distraction from the important, life-saving work of spending time with our patients. Inefficient processes and systems can stymie our best efforts and generate frustration rather than the satisfaction that should accompany the work of caring for those who need us most.

In the coming months, the Clinical Affairs team will begin a process of better understanding some of the challenges our faculty and staff face while practicing medicine. Our aim is to identify the issues, to prioritize them and to begin deliberately and persistently working to improve the work experience of the talented faculty and staff who call DOM home.

Many of the challenges are best explored and understood through dialogue. As such, we will be convening several focus groups made up of faculty stakeholders of all academic ranks from across the divisions. If you have an interest in participating in one of these groups, please let us know.

-Lee Daugherty Biddison, Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs


Kelsey Bennett