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Medicine Matters Home Congratulations Endoscopy Excels in Patient Experience and Employee Engagement Scores

Endoscopy Excels in Patient Experience and Employee Engagement Scores

*Pictured above: Patricia Gent and Sarah Disney

The Endoscopy Unit within the Division of Gastroenterology has been hard at work improving conditions for both patients and employees and the results show. The most recent Gallop survey for patient experience and employee engagement shows a .6 increase in scores, which is especially significant since even a .1 increase is considered a meaningful change.

Patricia Gent, nurse manager of the unit, and Sarah Disney, administrative director, attribute the improvement to an overall culture change. They make up two parts of the unit’s triad leadership, which includes Linda Lee, medical director and associate professor in GI, and have been key players in opening the lines of communication through town hall meetings and enhancing training and education with workshops led by charge nurses and nurse product procedure groups (NPPG) where multidisciplinary groups discuss new products and procedures and the educational processes associated with them. Even patient education and communication has improved with nurses visiting inpatient units to discuss procedures and answer questions from both the patients and their families.

Along with improved communication came a strengthened sense of teamwork that allowed changes in block schedules and some trial and error in order to create the most positive and productive environment for everyone.

The Endoscopy Unit is a prime example of how positive changes can have a domino effect. We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of the unit's faculty and staff for their continued hard work.


Kelsey Bennett