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Helping Beyond Hopkins

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Jenna DiFilippo, nurse in the CCU, traveled to Senegal in West Africa for two weeks with a team of 12 people to work with Mission Inter Senegal (MIS). With the extensive help of a local hospital founded by MIS and MIS staff, they were able to serve the medical needs of several different villages in isolated sections of Senegal by holding clinic days for all ages and giving out necessary prescriptions. They also collected donations of toys, clothing, candy and children's chewable vitamins to use for a children’s camp conducted during clinic hours.

Her team also traveled to Thies, Senegal to hold a clinic for the homeless Talibe boys. The boys decorated T-shirts, played sports and snacked on candy and popcorn while waiting to be seen in the clinic where they were given physicals, wound care, vitamins and prescriptions and were referred to the MIS hospital if found to have a more serious medical condition.

A huge thank you goes out to the following nurse who received a compliment this month:

Amanda, nurse in Bloomberg 5 South- PCCU: "She's a real sweetheart who went the extra mile."


Kelsey Bennett