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Medicine Matters Home Administration Ambulatory and Access Updates

Ambulatory and Access Updates

The Department of Medicine has provided a great deal of leadership and direction when it comes to access and ambulatory operations. Our access team continues to out-perform the hospital average and produce high levels of service. Our ambulatory groups have succeeded in lowering the rate of provider-initiated cancellations, decreasing the number of open encounters, all while increasing clinical volumes. As we continue to improve the patient and provider experience, we must not only rejoice in our successes, but remain consistent with delivering the best patient care possible. Within such a fast-paced healthcare arena, this is not an easy task, however, the DOM is willing and most certainly able!

What’s to come:

  • Integration of healthcare management services for all levels of health and wellness
  • Complete patient- and family-centered access when seeing a provider within our clinical settings
  • Best practices being implemented, monitored and shared within DOM clinics
  • Improvement of the patient experience and patient satisfaction, and so much more!

It is indeed an exciting time for the Department of Medicine as we bring opportunity and improvement to our patients while standardizing our practices and sustaining our success.

-Darren Brownlee, Assistant Administrator for Ambulatory & Access Operations


Kelsey Bennett