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Johns Hopkins Summer Institute in Health Equity Research

We would like to  invite interested DOM faculty to participate in the inaugural Johns Hopkins Summer Institute in Health Equity Research on July 13-14, 2016 on the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine campus.

The course will feature medical professionals and public health researchers with substantial experience in health equity research. Course participants will have the opportunity to network with faculty and other health equity researchers. The course primarily aims to highlight best practices in health equity research methods and key lessons from our experiences.

The primary course objectives include:

  1. Discuss how cultural competence and patient-centered communication enhance the quality and success of health disparities research.
  2. Identify moral implications of common terms used in health equity research and policy literature and assess strengths and weaknesses of recent theories of social justice in health.
  3. Describe ways to engage community and organizational stakeholders in health disparities research.
  4. Describe methods used to develop appropriate assessment and intervention materials for underserved, low-literacy and limited English proficiency patient populations.
  5. Identify methods in social epidemiology and measures that can be utilized in health disparities research.

The field of health equity research has continued to evolve, and funders are supporting new avenues for investigation. The information shared during our the program will help participants develop and implement timely and relevant projects to address the complex issues that contribute to disparities in health and healthcare delivery in the U.S.

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Or see the full brochure and registration forms here:

Johns Hopkins Summer Institute on Health Equity Research Brochure

For questions regarding course content for the faculty, please contact Joy Mays at 410-614-2412 or


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