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Medicine Matters Home Research W. W. Smith Charitable Trust Program: Heart Disease, Cancer and AIDS Research

W. W. Smith Charitable Trust Program: Heart Disease, Cancer and AIDS Research

The Trust continues to fund basic medical research in the areas of Heart Disease, Cancer and AIDS. The Trust highlights the importance of basic medical research in the area of juvenile diabetes and continues to provide funds for finding a cure. The philosophy of the Trust has been not to replicate governmental funding organizations, but identify and fund projects that are unique and meritorious. The Trust tries to select promising researchers who have the potential to attract the National Institutes of Health or other large funding organizations after the Trust's support. There is a strong commitment to encourage new or less recognized investigators to apply for funding. It's impossible to quantify exactly how much significant progress has been made in basic research, but the Trust is confident that a growing body of meritorious technical literature has been produced, advancing the sum total of scientific knowledge applicable to the fights against cancers, heart disease, AIDS and juvenile diabetes.

For more information, visit the W.W. Smith Charitable Trust website:

Eligibility & Requirements:
Faculty with primary appointments in universities, hospitals and research centers within the Delaware Valley area may apply. The Trust will not support large general programs or project grants to fund research centers.

Internal Nomination Process:

Interested applicants should send the following documents in sequence in one PDF to [email protected] no later than 4 p.m. on June 1, 2016:

  1. JHU Limited Submission Cover Sheet
  2. Abstract (one page, double-spaced)
  3. Proposal (maximum of four pages of text only, single spaced: 12-pt font and one-inch margins) (Note: figures, tables and other reference material should not be included as text)
  4. Curriculum Vitae of investigator, including current external research support and publications
  5. Budget (two pages maximum)
  6. Letter of Recommendation from the Department Chair/Director

Letters of Recommendation can be submitted separately to [email protected] stating the applicant's name in the subject line. Each applicant should expect to receive a confirmation of receipt of their materials. If an applicant does not receive an acknowledgement, or has any questions, please contact Brittany McMahon via [email protected].

JHU Nomination Limit: 3; 1 per research area

Internal deadline: June 1, 2016


Kelsey Bennett