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Medicine Matters Home Administration What’s the Buzz in Johns Hopkins Ambulatory Medicine?

What’s the Buzz in Johns Hopkins Ambulatory Medicine?

The Department of Medicine supports diverse outpatient practices that offer a range of highly sought-after clinician groups. This strength can also present challenges when trying to apply clinic standards for ambulatory medicine. What initiatives are most important to improve patient care and safety? Who decides the priorities? How do we achieve the goals?

These questions are discussed daily at all levels of care delivery. Within the School of Medicine, the Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians (OJHP) and the Clinical Practice Association (CPA) establish standards of practice as well as suggested Ambulatory Key Priorities for the School:

Hot button topics have included:

Operational Excellence:

  • Reducing physician “bump rates”
  • EPIC In-Basket management and patient communication

Patient Experience (and Safety):

  • Reduction of wait times
  • Managing test results – this includes timely checking and communication with patients.

These and other priorities require creative problem solving to determine the most efficient and effective way to improve our operations and focus on the patient. In the Department of Medicine, we will try to lead these and other changes and share best practices among our clinicians. We realize the hurdles and welcome input to help strategize progress going forward.

-Kim Peairs, Associate Vice Chair for Ambulatory Operations


Kelsey Bennett