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Updates and Thank Yous

Epic: We Can Do This!

After all the training and preparation we are ready for go-live! Please be sure to use your Red Shirts for support and report any issues to your manager/chain of command.

  • We are prepared for Epic implementation on July 1!
  • Compliments go to Donna Beitler, Epic credentialed trainers, educators, super-users, proctors and staff
  • A detailed process for order “cut-over” from Sunrise has been conveyed to staff
  • From midnight on July 1, no electronic record will be available until 4:30 a.m.
  • At 7 a.m., day shift nursing staff will begin documenting in Epic
  • DOM Command Center will be in Harvey 601 with a super-user in charge on every shift for many weeks

Thank You!

Hailey James

Medical Nursing will miss Hailey James, assistant administrator for inpatient operations, as she relocates to North Carolina with her family.  Hailey has helped us as we have planned our massive Epic project, including securing additional nearby training spaces. Additionally, Hailey assisted in our move into the Nelson building, planned the Meyer move, implemented projects to improve patient satisfaction and throughput and helped us celebrate one another as valuable colleagues.

Our 2015-2016 ACSs

Thanks to our outstanding ACSs who helped make our patient care and collaboration superb!

  • Allison Tsao
  • Michelle Sharp
  • Sara Mixter
  • Matthew Finn

All of You

Thank YOU, for a wonderful Joint Commission Survey!

  • 35 Requirements for Improvements, some attempting turn over
  • Responsible parties have been assigned follow up

Meyer Moves

  • H2O2 and Halsted 4
  • Anticipated move the week of November 14
  • Halsted 4 recruiting for general medicine and palliative care interested staff

Dialysis Provider Changes

  • DaVita contract with JHH ends June 30, 2016 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Fresenius Kidney Care begins July 1, 2016 at midnight
  • Fresenius will provide dialysis care at all our area hospitals and a new chronic facility will open on Bond St., first floor

Dialysis Geography Changes


  • Care unit will close for renovations as of end of day July 1
  • Pediatric outpatient clinic will be built


  • Will become temporary site for hemodialysis for approximately one month
  • Phone numbers to unit will remain the same
  • No airborne isolation possible. Will do at bedside.



A huge thank you goes out to the following nurses who received a compliment this month:

Katie and Rachel, nurses in H2/O2: "I felt like I was home."


Kelsey Bennett