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Diabetes Walk Call for Team Captains

As many of you know, every October, Johns Hopkins participates in an institution-wide walk to benefit the American Diabetes Association. This year’s Step Out Baltimore Walk to Stop Diabetes will be held October 2, 2016 at the Canton Waterfront Park.

This year Johns Hopkins has committed to recruiting 600 walkers and raising $60,000 for diabetes research, education and advocacy. The Department of Medicine has a piece of this overall goal, recruiting 350 walkers and raising $35,000, and I am personally committed to reaching this goal. Last year our department raised $25,408 and Johns Hopkins Medicine was the top corporate fundraising team! 

We are asking that every division identify a team captain. The role of the team captain is to recruit 15 walkers from the DOM, family and friends, and to raise a minimum of $2,025. We hope to have at least 20 team captains registered in the next month. We promise to make this easy and fun. The American Diabetes Association staff will be ready to assist us all along the way, and we hope that our former captains will join us again this year.

Diabetes stands to become one of our nation’s greatest health challenges. As many as one in three American children born after 2000 will develop diabetes in 2050 if present trends continue. Nearly 30 million adults and children in the United States have diabetes--that's nearly 10 percent of the population.

The American Diabetes Association is fighting for these millions of families and individuals--working to cure and prevent diabetes and to improve the lives of those living with diabetes. This is a cause that is very close to my heart. Together, we can make a difference. Please email me with your commitment to be one of our team captains at

Together, we can make a difference. Thank you in advance for your support!

-Sherita Golden, Executive Vice Chair


Kelsey Bennett