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Professional Fee Billing News

This past spring the Department of Medicine leadership conducted a survey of section chiefs, clinical directors and division administrators in order to elicit means to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the DOM’s professional fee billing operation. On behalf of myself, Production Unit Manager Amanda Holmes, and Coding Manger Denise Burke, we thank all who participated in this effort toward our common goals.

Analysis of the survey indicates three arenas which we are addressing:

  • Compliantly maximizing revenue opportunities
  • Proactively training providers with current and emerging CPT code updates
  • Continually developing divisional partnerships to effectively identify and resolve all stakeholders’ issues and concerns

Our Medvitals team recently developed a provider individualized CPT coding profile comparing an individual provider’s year over year CPT trends. The CPT profile report and can be found here:

If you have concerns or questions about your report, please direct them to John Crockett at [email protected]. Once received, training staff will be deployed.

In addition to the CPT Profile report, many providers have asked if there was a quick refresher course they could take prior to going on service attending in the hospital. The Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians offers refreshers via the Office of Billing Quality and Assurance website and can be found following the steps below:

  1. Go to myLearning@johnshopkins
  2. Select Log in and follow log in procedures
  3. Select Course Catalog from menu (on the left). Click the Catalog tab (top of the page)
  4. Click on Compliance to expand drop down. Click on Professional Fee Billing Compliance
  5. Select Billing Compliance for New Providers course
  6. Enroll in course by clicking on Add to My Plan
  7. Begin training

I look forward to providing additional future blogs elaborating further on the arenas identified herein.

-John Crockett, Director of Professional Fee Billing


Kelsey Bennett