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Core Coins to Be Used at the Center for Proteomics Discovery

The Center for Proteomics Discovery (CPD) is excited to announce $25,000 in Core Coins as a funding mechanism to help accelerate investigations using proteomics. The CPD was recently launched to address a growing need among Johns Hopkins investigators for advanced mass spectrometry-based proteomics services. The CPD provides mass spectrometry services to comprehensively characterize whole proteomes or post-translational modifications in a quantitative and sensitive fashion. Post-translational modifications include phosphorylation, acetylation, O-GlcNAc and ubiquitylation in discovery, as well as targeted modes. In addition, identification of protein cleavage sites, N-terminal peptides, top- and middle-down proteomics, protein turnover measurements and other customized mass spectrometry analyses will be offered for which off-the-shelf methods do not exist.

The Core Coins program has recently been funded by the Dean’s Office as a microgrant program. The goal of this program is to enable innovation and discovery by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine investigators through providing a limited amount of free access to the outstanding expertise and technology included in the school of medicine’s Core portfolio. These Core Coins will be available on a competitive basis to investigators for services offered by the CPD to allow them to pursue new avenues and acquire preliminary data for new grants in ways currently not funded by other sources.

This Core Coins solicitation will fund three to five projects that fit the goal of Core Coins and services that can be provided by the CPD. All Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine faculty members—assistant professors or higher—are eligible to apply. Please submit a one-page statement of proposed research, including a description of how the award of Core Coins will help bridge gaps currently not funded by other sources along with a National Institutes of Health-style biosketch. Preference will be given to junior faculty members lacking full support, requirement for proteomic data to strengthen a grant application, supporting data needed for publication and new faculty members with specific needs. Applications will be reviewed by a panel constituted for this purpose.

Please email all applications by Oct. 1, 2016, to Chan-Hyun Na at

You can find additional information on the CPD website.


Kelsey Bennett