Faculty Promotions and Additions

Congratulations to all of the below faculty members who were recently promoted.

Promoted to Adjunct Professor:

Promoted to Associate Professor:

Promoted to Assistant Professor:

  • Brendan Antiochos, Division of Rheumatology
  • Muhammad Athar, Division of Hospital Medicine
  • Marcella Ferlito, Division of Cardiology

Promoted to Instructor:

Ning Feng, Division of Cardiology

We would also like to welcome our new faculty members:

  • Tyesha Burks, adjunct assistant professor in Geriatrics
  • Natasha Chida, assistant professor in Infectious Diseases
  • Barbara Detrick, professor in Clinical Immunology
  • Jennifer Foulke-Abel, instructor in Gastroenterology
  • Jerome Gnanaraj, assistant professor in Hospital Medicine
  • Nancy Hutton, joint appointment in General Internal Medicine
  • Feng Ji, visiting scientist in Gastroenterology
  • Emily Kendall, instructor in Infectious Diseases
  • Zeming Liu, visiting scientist in Endocrinology
  • Laura Sander, assistant professor in General Internal Medicine
  • Hagit Shatkay, visiting scientist in Cardiology
  • Emmanouil Tampakakis, instructor in Cardiology
  • Liyun Wang, visiting scientist in Gastroenterology
  • Scott Zeger, joint appointment in Rheumatology