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Medicine Matters Home Administration Meyer Opening

The DOM is excited to announce the opening of Meyer 8 and 9 on Wednesday, December 14 after extensive renovations. Outlined below are the plans for these two units:

Meyer 8, with its 24 private rooms, will replace H2O2. These beds will house the hospitalist patients as well as MEG patients.

Meyer 9 will have 21 private rooms and replace Halsted 4. This unit will house MEG patients. Additionally, four beds on Meyer 9 will be open for palliative care admissions.

In January, Meyer 7 will reopen as the new home for Inpatient Acute Rehab as they move from H3O3.

Patients, providers, staff and family who wish to reach these new Meyer floors should use the Meyer research elevators at the end of the Meyer hallway. Please note that there is not a connection between Halsted/Nelson and Meyer on floors 6, 7, 8 or 9. Meyer can be reached from Nelson using Osler 5 or the ground floor.

-Carrie Herzke, Associate Vice Chairs for Inpatient Operations


Kelsey Bennett