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Academic Clinical Practice Toolkit for Clinical Faculty

Are you overwhelmed by your clinical responsibilities and having a tough time getting your academic career started? Do your career goals fit with the "Clinician with Distinction" pathway for promotion through excellence in patient care? Do you want to understand the financials of your practice better, even as you crave ideas for creating academic content from your patient care duties?

Come for a two-day workshop entitled:

Your Academic Clinical Practice Toolkit: Maximizing Your Success

February 7-8 fom 7:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
West Reading Room, Welch Library

Preliminary program schedule: HERE
Enrollment is LIMITED, please register, as you would like your name to appear on your name tag, for the day(s) you will attend:

Day 1 (Tuesday, February 7): Register for DAY 1
Creating a Successful Patient-Centered Practice
Understanding and Optimizing the Finances of Clinical Practice in an Academic Setting

Day 2 (Wednesday, February 8): Register for DAY 2
Advancing Your Academic Career Through Your Clinical Practice
Clinician with Distinction Academic Pathway, Program Building Academic Pathway


Kelsey Bennett