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Medicine Matters Home Administration Significant Changes in Processes for Computer Purchase and Network Security

Significant Changes in Processes for Computer Purchase and Network Security

On Dec 1, 2016, a new Computing Device Acquisition policy (document access limited to JH personnel) went into effect across all of Johns Hopkins Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Health System. This policy affects the way that computing devices are purchased, how they are configured for network access and how they are managed by IT groups at Johns Hopkins.

Effective December 1, 2016:

  • Any computer issued by JHH or JHU must be purchased through Johns Hopkins purchasing channels.
  • All JHH or JHU owned devices (purchased using JHH or JHU funds) must be supported by a certified IT group, such as MNet, IT@JH CTS, Hopkins Bayview IT or Basic Sciences Network. If your computer is maintained by one of these groups, you will have no interruption in the way you access data.

Please note: The Department of Medicine will not reimburse after personal funds are used to purchase computers or other computing devices. All computer purchases should go through established IT purchasing processes; your divisional administrative team can assist you.

Personally owned devices, moving forward, will have more limited access to services on the Johns Hopkins network, using the Hopkins wifi network. Access to Johns Hopkins assets and applications will be provided through a mediation service, such as your virtual desktop – which is undergoing significant performance upgrades.

Unmanaged devices (those not managed by a certified JH IT group) pose substantial risk to the Johns Hopkins network and the use of unmanaged devices may require additional security controls. If you currently are using an unmanaged computer, please consider contacting your IT team now so that you have no service interruption as security controls are implemented. Please be aware that your computer must meet certain guidelines in order to be supported. Your IT team will be able to help you with this.

-Stuart Ray, Vice Chair for Data Integrity & Analytics


Kelsey Bennett