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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care ID Opens the John G. Bartlett Specialty Practice

ID Opens the John G. Bartlett Specialty Practice

The Division of Infectious Diseases is excited to announce the opening of the John G. Bartlett Specialty Practice on Monday, May 8. This state-of-the-art, 25 exam room clinic at 1717 E. Monument Street will co-locate services for patients with an array of infectious diseases including infections obtained after transplantation or on medical devices, HIV and viral hepatitis. In addition to the various multidisciplinary sub-specialists within the clinic, a nutritionist, an on-site pharmacy, phlebotomy services and a full complement of social work and case managers will be available to provide patients with access to a full continuum of coordinated care. This new clinic honors the former director of the Division of Infectious Diseases, John G. Bartlett, MD, who spent more than 25 years leading efforts to improve and develop treatments for patients with infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS. The clinic is located in renovated space in the Park Building (the former entrance to the Johns Hopkins Emergency Department) on the ground floor.  


Kelsey Bennett