Faculty Promotions and Additions

Congratulations to all of the below faculty members who were recently promoted.

Associate Professor:

  • Nada Alachkar, Nephrology
  • Rashmi Nisha Aurora¬†(not pictured), Pulmonary
  • Ashwin Balagopal, Infectious Diseases
  • Zackary Berger, General Internal Medicine
  • Jenell Coleman, Clinical Pharmacology
  • Mihaela Pertea¬†(not pictured), Genetic Medicine
  • Tariq Shafi, Nephrology
  • Ami Shah, Rheumatology
  • Zack Wang, Hematology

Assistant Professor:

  • Michael Goldman, Clinical Immunology
  • Emily Kendall, Infectious Diseases
  • Elizabeth Luczak, Cardiology
  • Heather Sateia, General Internal Medicine
  • Orla Sheehan, Geriatric Medicine
  • Fatima Sheikh, Geriatric Medicine
  • Sean Tackett, General Internal Medicine

We would also like to welcome our new faculty members who joined our department this quarter.

  • Dilhana Sumaiya Badurdeen, assistant professor in Gastroenterology
  • Andrea Baines, instructor in Hematology
  • Stephen Chelko, research associate in Cardiology
  • William Convey, instructor in General Internal Medicine
  • Maria Fabre, instructor in Infectious Diseases
  • Donald McGraw, adjunct assistant professor in Occupational Medicine
  • Jenny Pena Dias, research associate in Endocrinology
  • Deepak Shah, instructor in General Internal Medicine
  • Wenhao Zhang, visiting scientist in Hematology