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Medicine Matters Home Administration Happy National Nurses Week

Happy National Nurses Week

In honor of National Nurses Week, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for our entire nursing staff. Our nurses are instrumental in the high quality of care our patients have become accustomed to. With our nurses residing in the department as a functional unit, our nurses, physicians and other care team members unite for a common purpose, creating unmatched team-based collaboration that doesn’t occur at other academic medical institutions. This collaboration is apparent in our cutting edge medical nursing subspecialty programs including:

  • 4 Firms
  • Infectious Disease Unit
  • Hospitalist Program
  • Palliative Care Program
  • General Internal Medicine & Gastrointestinal Care Program
  • 2 ICUs
  • 2 IMCs
  • Procedural Nursing
    • Cardiac Cath, EP & Echo nursing
    • Endoscopy

Our nursing team is constantly changing and improving the way we care for and educate patients with programs such as:

  • Heart Failure Re-admission where Deirdre Flowers educates patients on maintaining their quality of life outside the hospital
  • Psychiatric Nursing Service with Maureen Lewis and Liz Noyes who assess psychiatric care needs and help those in need of immediate help
  • Wound Care and Bed Replacement Program with Amanda Owen and Lindsay Ricketts who keep beds outfitted with the best protective materials designed to reduce hospital acquired wounds
  • CCU & CVIL Nursing where Joy Rothwell cross-trains nurses to work in the Cath Lab to further develop their clinical expertise in cardiac procedural nursing
  • Internal Float Pool, led by Eleni Flanagan, which has eliminated the need for agency-trained nurses

Without these and the dedication of our entire nursing team, our department would not be the well-oiled machine it proves to be. So thank you, nurses, for your tireless commitment to excellence. I hope you have enjoyed this week in which we celebrate everything you do for this department each day.




Mark Anderson