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Recap of the Cardiovascular Research Retreat

The 8th Annual Cardiovascular Research Retreat organized by David Kass, director of the Institute of CardioScience took place on Friday, May 19 with lectures on cutting-edge cardiovascular disease science. Featured speakers included Zoltan Arany, MD, PhD, from University of Pennsylvania, Samia Mora, MD, MHS from Harvard Medical School, as well as Narutoshi Hibino, MD, PhD and Douglas Robinson, PhD from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Cash Prizes and certificates will be awarded to the following outstanding young cardiovascular disease researchers who are the 2017 Stanley L. Blumenthal, MD Cardiology Research Award Winners.

The Stanley L. Blumenthal, MD Cardiology Research Awards for Johns Hopkins postdoctoral fellows, housestaff, graduate, medical, nursing and public health students were established in 2003 by the family and friends of the late Dr. Stanley L. Blumenthal. He was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the Homewood undergraduate campus and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Blumenthal did his initial pediatrics training at Hopkins attending the University of Michigan followed by Harvard’s Boston Children’s Medical Center. He then worked at the National Children’s Medical Center and was on the faculty of George Washington University.


Featured Oral Presentation Category

First place went to Klitos Konstantinidis for his presentation “CaMKII, Methionine Oxidation, and Aortic Aneurysm.” Faculty mentor: Mark Anderson

  1. Thorsten Leucker, “Serum PCSK9, a Nexus for HIV Induced Coronary Artery Endothelial Dysfunction. Senior mentors: Allison Hays and Robert Weiss
  1. Kaustubha Patil: “Studying the Pathophysiology of Pulseless Electrical Activity in a Novel Swine Model.” Senior mentor: Henry Halperin
  1. Seamus Whelton: “Modeling the Relationship Between Coronary Artery Calcium and Cause-Specific Mortality. Senior mentors: Michael Blaha and Roger Blumenthal
  1. Aditya Bhonsale: “Cardiomyopathy/RV Dysplasia Patients with Late Presentation.” Senior Mentor: Hugh Calkins

oral abstract winners

Stanley L. Blumenthal Basic Science Poster Competition

First Place: Nicola Diny: “Eosinophil-derived IL-4 Drives Progression of Myocarditis to Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Senior Mentor: Daniela Cihakova

Second Place: Grace Kim: “Canonical Transient Receptor Potential Channel 6 Ameliorates Increased Cardiac S-Nitrosylation.” Senior mentor: David Kass

Third Place: William Schmidt: “Influence of Actin Pseudoacetylation on in vivo and in vitro Cardiac Performance.” Senior Mentor: Anthony Cammarato

Epidemiology Poster Section

First Place: Vishal Rao: “Anthropometric Measures vs. CT-Measures of Adiposity and Risk of Incident Heart Failure and Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction.” Senior Mentor: Erin Michos

Second Place: Roberta Florido: “Physical Activity and Incident Heart Failure in High Risk Subgroups.” Senior Mentor: Chiadi Ndumele

Clinical Science Poster Section

First Place: Francoise Marvel: “A Novel Digital and Mobile Health Platform to Enhance Recovery from Myocardial Infarction.” Senior Mentor: Seth Martin

Second Place: Jiun-Ruey Hu: “Metabolic Footprint of Bariatric Surgery” Senior Mentor: Chiadi Ndumele

poster winners


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