Brancati Center Annual Report 2017

The Brancati Center aims to improve the health of communities both locally and nationally by developing, evaluating and disseminating new models of health care that leverage the skills of a diverse range of health care providers through community partnership, eduction and research. The 2017 Annual Report describes the successes of the center's programs including:

  • Diabetes Prevention Programs, sponsored by the Baltimore City Health Department, which have exceeded the goals set forth by the CDC
  • Medicaid Demonstration Project, which has launched four new Diabetes Prevention Programs and enrolled 33 participants
  • Virtual Diabetes Prevention Program, which will include patients who do not have access to in-person programs
  • Community Health Screenings performed at six health fairs in the 2016-2017 academic year
  • Brancati Center Volunteer Corps where the center recruits and trains volunteers with both clinical and non-clinical skills
  • Forza Brancati, a team that participates in local fundraisers such as the ADA Tour de Cure and the ADA Step Out Walk

To read about these success and many others, review the full 2017 Brancati Center Annual Report.