Mirowski Discovery Award for Cardiovascular Research

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine announces a request for applications for the 8th Annual Discovery Fund in honor of Dr. Michel Mirowski and his wife Anna for Cardiovascular Research.

This announcement seeks proposals for innovative cardiovascular research projects led by faculty of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (SOM). This award of up to $75,000 is to catalyze innovative ideas that are high risk and would not ordinarily be funded by the NIH until sufficient preliminary data are gathered. This award is not intended to support already established projects or incremental extensions of ongoing research programs. Collaborations across all Johns Hopkins entities are eligible for consideration, but proposals must include a SOM faculty member as principal investigator.

The Mirowski Discovery Award will consist of up to $75,000, with an award term of one year. Applicants must describe a credible plan that they will make substantial progress with one year of funding.

Application Deadline:  Wednesday, September 20

Click here for the proposal/nomination cover sheet.