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Medicine Matters Home Congratulations Faculty Promotions and Additions

Faculty Promotions and Additions

Congratulations to all of the below faculty members who were recently promoted.

Associate Professor:


Assistant Professor:

  • Ann Marie Parker, Pulmonary
  • Jennifer Townsend, Infectious Diseases
  • Swaytha Yalamanchi, Endocrinology


Lingling Xian, Hematology

We would also like to welcome our new faculty members who joined the department last quarter.

  • Wael AlJaroudi, adjunct assistant professor in Cardiology
  • Katherine Allen, instructor in GIM
  • Manoochehri Amir, instructor in CIMS
  • Hamid Asadzadeh Aghdaei, visiting scientist in GI
  • Hitesh Batra, assistant in Pulmonary
  • Charles Bergman, instructor in GIM
  • Christopher Beyrer, joint appointment in ID
  • Kathy Bull-Henry, assistant professor in GI
  • Garson Caruso, instructor in Occupational Medicine
  • Shrutie Chaturvedi, assistant professor in Hematology
  • Dulce Cruz-Oliver, assistant professor in GIM
  • Matthew Czarny, instructor in Medicine
  • Ning Deng, visiting scientist in Pulmonary
  • Hua Ding, research associate in ID
  • Michael Ellenbogen, assistant professor in GIM
  • Michael Goertz, instructor in Occupational Medicine
  • Kendrick Gwynn, instructor in GIM
  • Matthew Hamill, assistant professor in ID
  • Steven Hsu, assistant professor in Cardiology
  • Andrew Hughes, instructor in Medicine
  • Naaz Hussain, instructor in GIM
  • Chidinma Ibe, assistant professor in GIM
  • Heather Jones Agee, instructor in Pulmonary
  • Stephen Juraschek, adjunct assistant professor in GIM
  • Rubin Khair, instructor in Pulmonary
  • Kyeong Kim, visiting scientist in Endocrinology
  • Lara Kovell, adjunct assistant professor in Cardiology
  • Rachel Kruzan, instructor in GIM
  • Zhengting Liang, visiting scientist in Pulmonary
  • Howard Lu, instructor in Occupational Medicine
  • Thomas Markham, instructor in Occupational Medicine
  • Stefan Muzin, instructor in Occupational Medicine
  • Zachary Nayak, instructor in GIM
  • Ann Roberson, instructor in Occupational Medicine
  • Jon Steuernagle, instructor in GIM
  • Vishnu Surapaneni, instructor in CIMS
  • Jie Tan, visiting scientist in Endocrinology
  • Maya Venkataramani, assistant professor in GIM
  • Karen Williams, instructor in GIM

Kelsey Bennett