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Medicine Matters Home Research Introducing the C-CORE (Collaboration Center of Research Excellence) Initiative

Introducing the C-CORE (Collaboration Center of Research Excellence) Initiative

Faculty from all ranks and across the entire spectrum of basic, clinical and population research face substantial barriers to implementing their research ideas. From trying to calculate sample size for a grant application to conceptualizing the design and implementation of clinical research, faculty could benefit from access to best practices, research methods expertise and interested collaborators. In response, the DOM Vice Chairs for Research introduce the C-CORE (Collaboration Center of Research Excellence) Initiative. The primary objective of C-CORE is to support DOM faculty by providing low-threshold research support services to enhance navigation of Hopkins’ complex research environment, leverage available resources, share best practices and promote sustainable collaboration.

C-CORE aims to:

  1. Enhance sharing of best practices and resources
  2. Provide direct, research consultative services to faculty
  3. Form trans-divisional Collaborative Science Groups (CSGs)

Keep an eye out for C-CORE updates here:

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Kelsey Bennett