Faculty Promotions and Additions

Congratulations to all of the below faculty members who were recently promoted.


Neil Goldenberg, Division of Hematology
Neil Goldenberg, Hematology

Associate Professor:

Assistant Professor:

Jennifer Foulke-Abel, Division of Gastroenterology

We would also like to welcome our new faculty members who joined the department last quarter.

  • Melissa Blakeman, instructor, GIM
  • Lonnie Fuller, instructor, GIM
  • Dean Grove, instructor, Occupational Medicine
  • Kelly Koay, instructor, GIM
  • Kimiyoshi Kobayashhi, assistant professor, GIM
  • Thorsten Leucker, instructor, Cardiology
  • Ken Nguyen, visiting scientist, Clinical Pharmacology
  • William Padula, assistant professor, GIM
  • Jessica Prodger, research associate, ID
  • Natalie Spicyn, instructor, GIM
  • Kathryn Strain, instructor, GIM
  • Fengyun Yao, visiting scientist, GI
  • Baligh Yehia, assistant professor, ID
  • Jingming Zhao, visiting scientist, Clinical Immunology