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Single IRB FAQs

The Office of Human Subjects Research Institutional Review Board (IRB) has published some very useful information for researchers here:

Questions include:

How do I submit a request to have JHM IRB serve as the sIRB for my grant proposal or study?

JHM IRB has created a reliance request tool [survey] that is available on the JHM IRB website at  You must submit your request before making any commitment in your grant application that JHM is willing to serve as the sIRB. JHM IRB is required to review and approve your request before providing you with a letter of support and additional instructions for your grant application.

Once you have received confirmation from JHM IRB, the next steps are available on the JHM IRB website at

Is there anything special that I need to put into my grant application when asking JHM to serve as the sIRB for my study?

Once you have completed the reliance request survey, and you have been notified that JHM IRB agrees to enter into a reliance agreement, you will be provided a letter of support as well as template language to include in your grant application. The template language will describe how JHM IRB is prepared to serve as a sIRB.

The NIH policy requires that a “communication plan” be included in your grant application/proposal. The applicant/offeror is expected to submit a communication plan describing the use of an sIRB that will be selected to


Kelsey Bennett