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Learner Mistreatment, Harassment and Discrimination

In my last reflections post, I spoke of the importance of diversity and inclusion and how we must respect each other no matter the person’s race, position, beliefs, etc. This especially includes our learners as they are often most vulnerable to mistreatment, discrimination, harassment or abuse.

I hope you will take a few moments to review the document linked below that provides information about appropriate and inappropriate treatment of learners, the corresponding responsibilities of our faculty and resources available to our employees who may be suffering this kind of negative treatment. Our ability to create a learning environment that is simultaneously safe, inclusive and constructively challenging defines us. Our success will insure our training programs remain the best in the nation, and that our pipeline of talented faculty continues.

I am grateful to our talented and energetic physicians, nurses and staff who put so much of themselves into making our educational environment successful.

Learner Mistreatment Policy



Mark Anderson