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Medicine Matters Home Education Match Day 2018

Match Day 2018

Bayview Internal Medicine Residency Program:

The 22 members of this internship class are exceptionally accomplished students who hail from top medical schools from all around the country with 55 percent women and 41 percent from racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in medicine.

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Osler Medical Training Program:

This outstanding class was selected from almost 400 applicants and comprises of over 60 percent women--our highest proportion ever.

Click here to view the list on The Osler Connection.

Urban Health Internal Medicine Primary Care Track:

  • Maria Bellantoni, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
  • Tuyet Nguyen, Johns Hopkins University
  • Talia Robeldo-Gil, Yale University
  • Lea Selitsky, Wayne State

Med-Peds Urban Health Primary Care Residency Program:

  • Martha Brucato, Johns Hopkins University
  • Julie Gonzalez, Harvard University
  • Katie Hesselton, Loyala University
  • Paul Loeser, Vanderbilt University



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