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Sleep & Circadian Research Day

The 4th Annual Johns Hopkins University Sleep & Circadian Research Day is on Monday, June 25. The event will be held in the Chevy Chase Auditorium of the Sheikh Zayed Building at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. The complete program is available at

The event is intended to bring together researchers interested in sleep and circadian rhythms from Hopkins and regional institutions and provide a platform for trainees to present their work.

Our keynote speaker this year is David Gozal, chair of Pediatrics from the University of Chicago. The title of his presentation is: “Sleep Apnea and Cancer: Epidemiological and Biological Perspectives.”

Trainee oral presentations this year include:

  • "Actigraphic Sleep and Functional Decline in Older Men" -- Calliope Holingue
  • "Identifying Molecular Mechanisms of Sleep/Wake Promoting Neurons Using Single-Cell RNA Sequencing" -- Thomas Kim
  • "Patterns of Motor Activity in Individuals with Mood Disorders: Comparison of Two Family Studies" -- Jennifer Glaus
  • "mWAKE: a Novel Circadian Output Regulator of Sleep and Arousal in Mammals" -- Ben Bell
  • "Prenatal, Perinatal, Early Childhood Factors Associated with Clinical Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea: a Prospective Birth Cohort Study" -- Ting Chen
  • "Leptin Induces Hypertension Acting in the Carotid Bodies: Possible Involvement of TRP Channels" -- Mi-Kyung Shin

Poster presentations will occur after the oral presentations and lunch.

The event is free, and lunch is provided if you pre-register–final date for pre-registration is June 18.

To register, visit:


Kelsey Bennett