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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Ebola and Special Pathogen Simulation Training

Ebola and Special Pathogen Simulation Training

Our nurse educator, nurse manager and a BCU super user traveled to New York City’s Bellevue hospital for two full days of training and knowledge sharing. Hospital representatives from around the country attended the National Ebola Training and Education Center (NETEC) Ebola and Special Pathogen Simulation training to practice skills while in full personal protective equipment (PPE) dress. Shelby, Neysa and Jade practiced provider down and patient handoff simulations with New York Fire Department and Bellevue staff. Skills stations allowed our team to rehearse spill clean-ups, catheter insertions, intubations and specimen collections alongside Bellevue clinicians who cared for patients whilst in biocontainment. Lessons learned were shared by fellow clinicians from Nebraska and Emory, and our team walked away with invaluable experience. Our team is excited for the discussions and debates that were raised during training as well as the opportunity to host training in the coming year.

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Kelsey Bennett