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Celebrating 125 Years

This year, we celebrate School of Medicine’s 125th anniversary of educating, training and producing future leaders in education, patient care and research. We have much to celebrate–top-ranked medical and graduate programs, faculty members who are the among the worlds’ foremost experts in their fields and a reputation as a world leader in both medicine and science.

It is important to reflect on our humble beginnings from the founding of our institution to its underlying principles. It all began with Baltimore entrepreneur and philanthropist, Johns Hopkins’ $7 million bequest (the largest philanthropic gift in the history of the United States at that time) to establish Johns Hopkins University and The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Recognized as the first research university in the United States, Johns Hopkins University became the model of the modern research university shifting higher education from a focus on teaching revealed and applied knowledge to scientific discovery of new knowledge.

The bequest also stipulated that a school of medicine accompany the hospital. Hopkins’ vision of two institutions in which the practice of medicine would be partnered with medical research and medical education laid revolutionary groundwork in American medicine. The School of Medicine opened its doors in 1893 and was one of the first medical schools to admit women. It became America’s first co-educational, graduate-level medical school and a prototype for academic medicine that emphasized bedside learning, research projects and laboratory training.

This landmark anniversary is an opportunity to recommit to our core values (Excellence & Discovery, Leadership & Integrity, Diversity & Inclusion and Respect & Collegiality) and our shared belief in the promise of medicine. The Johns Hopkins Medicine Office of Diversity and Inclusion has created a brief video for viewing and discussing with your division/department/unit. As a gesture to symbolize your commitment to the Johns Hopkins mission and core values, please sign the commemorative scroll (a replica of the letter of Johns Hopkins to the Trustees). The scroll is located in the 1830 Building, 9th Floor, Room 9019 (Tumulty Conference Room). Please sign by Thursday, May 31.

Happy 125th Anniversary!


As part of the 125th anniversary, the School of Medicine has selected 125 current faculty members, fellows, postdocs, staff and students who personify Johns Hopkins Medicine's core values to be honored. Below is the list of 'Hopkins Heroes' from the Department of Medicine.

Click here to read about the honorees.

  • Holly Bashura, Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism, Lead Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Facilitator, JHH Inpatient Glucose Management Program
  • Eric Bass, General Internal Medicine, Professor
  • Gail Berkenblit, General Internal Medicine, Associate Program Director, Osler Housestaff Program
  • Carolyn Bramante, General Internal Medicine, Clinical research fellow
  • Mary Calini, Credentialing Program Manager
  • Colleen Christmas, Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, Associate Professor of Medicine
  • Jeanne Clark, General Internal Medicine, Division Director
  • Joseph Cofrancesco, Director, Institute for Excellence in Education
  • Deidra Crews, Associate Vice Chair for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Thomas Cudjoe, Geriatrics, Clinical and Research Fellow
  • Sanjay Desai, Director, Osler Housestaff Training Program, Vice Chair for Education
  • Hank Fessler, Pulmonary, Assistant for Undergraduate Medical Education
  • Eric Gapud, Rheumatology, Instructor
  • Brian Garibaldi, Director, Biocontainment Unit; Director, Clinical Skills Curriculum
  • Sherita Golden, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Professor and Executive Vice Chair
  • Kimberly Gudzune, General Internal Medicine, Clinician Investigator
  • Amita Gupta, Infectious Diseases, Deputy Director Center for Clinical Global Health Education
  • Samuel Holzman, Infectious Diseases, Postdoc
  • Chidinma Ibe, General Internal Medicine, Assistant Professor
  • Jennifer Jackson, Osler Medical Residency Training Program, Medical Training Program Administrator
  • Erica Johnson, Infectious Diseases, Assistant Professor/Program Director, JHBMC IM Residency
  • David Kern, General Internal Medicine, Professor
  • Tamala Knox, Vice-Chair Programs, Senior Administrative Assistant and Program Coordinator
  • Sophie Lanzkron, Department of Medicine (Hematology)Associate Professor of Hematology
  • Rachel Levine, Associate Vice Chair for Women's Careers in Academic Medicine
  • Joetta Love, Bayview Cardiology, Administrative Supervisor
  • Chiadi Ndumele, Cardiology, Assistant Professor
  • Kathleen Page, Infectious Diseases, Associate Professor
  • Kimberly Peairs, General Internal Medicine, Associate Vice Chair of Ambulatory Operations
  • Damani Piggott, Infectious Diseases, Assistant Professor
  • Darius Rastegar, Chemical Dependence, Associate Professor
  • Mariah Robertson, Bayview Internal Medicine, Resident
  • Carolyn Robinson,Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology, Medical Training Program Administrator
  • Belinda Rucker, Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases at Bayview, Administrative Assistant
  • Holly Sellers, Sr. Administrative Coordinator
  • Robert Siliciano, Infectious Diseases, Professor
  • Stephen Sisson, General Internal Medicine, Director, Ambulatory Care Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Tim Teeter, Infectious Diseases, Nurse
  • John Woller, Osler Medical Housestaff Training Program, Resident
  • Scott Wright, General Internal Medicine, Chief, GIM at Bayview
  • Carol Ziminski, Rheumatology, Professor

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