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Medicine Matters Home Administration Happy Nurses Week!

Happy Nurses Week!

This is National Nurses Week, and in honor of the nurses who support the tripartite mission of research, education and patient care within the Department of Medicine, we want to thank you! Nursing is an essential partner to team-based medicine. In fact, our department was designed as a 'functional unit' comprised of a Department of Nursing and a Department of Medicine. To our knowledge, it is the only academic department with this configuration. We see it as a fantastic platform for nurses, doctors and all staff to work together for the good of our patients, engagement of our employees and the success of our missions. During this special week we are thrilled to be able to pause (briefly) and thank all the nurses for their efforts to make this the best department in the country.

Nursing is at the core of everything we value. Medical nursing supports clinical research and quality improvement initiatives from COPD and heart failure on the acute care units to novel sepsis treatments in the MICU and MPCU. Medical nursing also supports teaching through interprofessional collaboration with our physician teams and the importance of venous thrombosis prophylaxis to our patients. What is most inspiring is the outstanding care medicine nurses provide our patients. The care each of you provide is what makes The Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Department of Medicine exceptional.

Thank you for the care you provide our patients and the families we serve. We are proud to have such professional and caring nurses on the medicine team. Happy Nurses Week!

-Mark and Ron


Kelsey Bennett