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JHU Staff Milestones

We are thankful for all of our staff, but we hold a special place in our hearts for staff members who have spent decades of their lives dedicated to making Hopkins and the Department of Medicine a better place. We are truely grateful for you and your everlasting loyalty.

The below staff members were honored at the Staff Milestone Recognition Dinner on Wednesday, June 13 on the Homewood Campus.

50 Years of Service

Valerie Alsecander, Clinical Immunology

30 Years of Service

Rose Calini, Cardiology

Charles Bronzert, Clinical Immunology

Barbara Silver, Infectious Diseases

20 Years of Service

Sidor Agnieszka, Cardiology

John Crockett, Billing

Stacy Mosley, Cardiology

Debra Ross, General Internal Medicine

April Stokes, Infectious Diseases



Kelsey Bennett