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Medicine Matters Home Administration Petty to Step Down as Chair of Credentials Committee

Petty to Step Down as Chair of Credentials Committee

Brent Petty, associate professor in the Division of Clinical Pharmacology, will be stepping down from his role as chair of the Department of Medicine Credentials Committee on June 30 after 29 years of service.

For almost three decades, Brent oversaw all initial and reappointments of Department of Medicine clinical providers at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. He faced almost constant policy changes from the hospital, the state and the federal government, but remained steadfast in his dedication to the safety of our patients. Brent created a rigorous system for ensuring our providers had the necessary training and certifications to perform procedures, spending countless hours calling applicants directly to ensure their privileges best met their practice and prevent possible malpractice. Brent managed this while also taking active roles in several other committees including the JHH Risk Management Committee, the DOM Performance Improvement Committee, review boards and more.

We’d like to express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Petty for his unwavering commitment to our patients, providers and the department overall.

Lee Daugherty Biddison will assume the role of chair effective July 1.



Mark Anderson