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Medicine Matters Home Congratulations Faculty Promotions and Additions

Faculty Promotions and Additions

Congratulations to all of the below faculty members who were recently promoted.


Associate Professor:

Assistant Professor:

We would also like to welcome our new faculty members who joined the department last quarter.

  • Brittany Adler, instructor, Rheumatology
  • Mays Ali, instructor, GIM
  • Robert Bulat, assistant professor, GI
  • Reuben Contreras, instructor, Geriatrics
  • Li Cui, visiting scientist, GI
  • Kunchok Dorjee, research associate, ID
  • Laura Ensign-Hodges, assistant professor, ID
  • Thomaz Fleury Curado, research associate, Pulmonary
  • Roberta Florido, assistant professor, Cardiology
  • Anthony Fojo, assistant professor, GIM
  • David Furfaro, instructor, GIM
  • Panagis Galiatsatos, instructor, Pulmonary
  • Amit Goyal, instructor, GIM
  • John Miller, instructor, Rheumatology
  • Mohamad Hanouneh, instructor, Nephrology
  • Matthew Ippolito, assistant professor, Clinical Pharmacology
  • Yaqi Jia, research associate, Nephrology
  • Ruhail Kohli, assistant professor, GI
  • Susan Lin, instructor, GIM
  • Lena Mathews, assistant professor, Cardiology
  • Samuel Merrill, instructor, Hematology
  • Matthew Poy, assistant professor, Endocrinology
  • Mark Ranek, instructor, Cardiology
  • Sonal Gandhi, instructor, CIMS
  • Sarina Sahetya, instructor, Pulmonary
  • Garima Sharma, assistant professor, Cardiology
  • Alexander Sun, assistant professor, GIM
  • Amirali Nader, instructor, Pulmonary
  • Stephanie Nothelle, assistant professor, Geriatrics
  • Zainab Obaidi, instructor, CIMS
  • Wassim Obeid, research associate, Nephrology
  • Scott Pilla, assistant professor, GIM
  • Mariah Robertson, instructor, GIM
  • Tara Robinson, assistnat professor, Hematology
  • Faisal Saeed, instructor CIMS
  • Joshua Sloan, instructor, GI
  • Nauroz Syed, instructor CIMS
  • Heather Thiessen Philbrook, research associate, Nephrology
  • Ming Tian, visiting scientist, GI
  • Alison Wand, instructor, Cardiology
  • An-Chi Wei, visiting scientist, Cardiology
  • Reyhan Westbrook, instructor, Geriatrics
  • Jackie Zimmerman, instructor, GIM

Kelsey Bennett