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Who Do I Go to For…? Division Directors vs. Vice Chairs

The Department of Medicine is structured such that there are a number of vice and associate vice chairs who, in conjunction with Chair Mark Anderson, oversee key mission areas of the department. In addition to the vice chairs, each faculty is a member of a division headed by a division director. The following is a general overview of the areas for which the division director and vice chairs serve as important resources available to faculty and clinical associates.

Division Directors:

  1. Questions about promotion: Progress towards promotion should be discussed during the annual review each year between the faculty member and the division director or his/her designee
  2. Questions about resources provided by the department (e.g. office space, computer support, lab coats, lab space)
  3. Issues with personnel hired by the division (medical office coordinators, RSAs, etc.) or faculty/physicians within the division
  4. Questions about the grant submission process specific to the faculty member’s division (e.g. grant review, specific RSAs, etc.)
  5. RVU targets, specific funding questions (e.g. how much clinical time would X amount of funding buy down)-these questions are often addressed by the division administrator and/or clinical director
  6. Questions regarding clinical or research expectations on the individual provider level (e.g. what is 100% clinical in a particular division, how many clinics or inpatient weeks on service, and locations of such service are expected from individual providers)
  7. Specific questions related to credentialing (e.g. which procedures are individual providers expected to remain credentialed for)

Vice Chairs:

Executive Vice Chair Sherita Golden is your liaison to the vice chair team if you are unsure of who is the best person to address your question or concern.

Clinical Vice Chairs Lee Biddison (JHH) and Chris Durso (Bayview):

  1. Issues related to a shared clinical service such as endoscopy
  2. Issues related to clinical faculty across divisions (e.g. concerns regarding professionalism of faculty not within the same division or department)
  3. Questions or challenges with credentialing

Associate Vice Chair for Outpatient Operations Kim Peairs (all locations):

  1. Challenges with space exclusive of a specific clinic session
  2. Challenges with clinic procedures or personnel not resolved at the local/division level (e.g. by speaking with the clinic manager, clinical director, nurse manager, etc)
  3. Questions about Office of Johns Hopkins Physician policies as applied within the Department of Medicine or any other policy applicable to outpatient practice

Associate Vice Chair for Inpatient Operations Carrie Herzke (JHH) and Flora Kisuule (Bayview):

  1. Challenges with inpatient throughput (e.g. extraordinarily placement issues, undocumented patients with extensive outpatient needs, etc.)
  2. Challenges with the Hopkins Access Line not answered through your division’s policies
  3. Questions about inpatient processes
  4. Challenges with ancillary services or other providers in the inpatient setting

Vice Chair for Quality, Safety, Service Steve Berry (JHH):

  1. Significant safety or quality concerns
  2. Significant concerns regarding inpatient coding queries

Vice Chair for Faculty Development Eric Bass:

  1. Review of CV (in addition to the divisional resources)
  2. Additional resource for questions about promotion

Associate Vice Chairs for Diversity and Women Deidra Crews (Diversity) and Rachael Levine (Women):

  1. Any faculty member looking to join the Diversity Council or Women’s Task Force should contact the appropriate Vice Chair.
  2. Issues surrounding gender or racial equity within the Department or School

Vice Chair for Clinical and Translational Research Greg Kirk:

  1. IRB and human subjects research questions
  2. Clinical research analytic and data management resources
  3. Internal grant review assistance
  4. Departmental bridge funding

Vice Chair for Basic and Translational Research Brian O’Rourke:

  1. Laboratory space and facilities issues
  2. Laboratory and animal use compliance
  3. Equipment transfers
  4. Internal grant review assistance
  5. Departmental bridge funding

Vice Chairs for Innovation and Commercialization Jay Pasricha and Kieren Marr:

  1. Liaison to Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures for questions regarding licensing and protection of intellectual property
  2. Commercialization and dissemination of drugs, devices and healthcare delivery programs developed by our faculty

Vice Chair for Data Integrity and Analytics Stuart Ray:

  1. Challenges or questions regarding safeguarding protected data
  2. Questions regarding the use of EPIC for research

Vice Chair for Education Sanjay Desai (JHH) and Khalil Ghanem (Bayview):

  1. Challenges or questions about working with the housestaff
  2. Questions or suggestions for DOM Grand Rounds

Associate Vice Chair for Education Danelle Cayea:

  1. Questions or concerns about students rotating on DOM services
  2. Part-time faculty who are appointed to teach at affiliate sites (e.g. Sinai)

Kelsey Bennett