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Medicine Matters Home Administration Everyday DOM: Mission, Vision and Values Month

Everyday DOM: Mission, Vision and Values Month

This year, we are dedicating the entire month of October to our Mission, Vision and Values. Mark and Sherita will be visiting DOM admin offices and nursing units in an effort to meet and speak with you as well as distribute a bit of swag along the way. There are still opportunities to catch up with them if you haven't already:

October 1: 8:30-10 a.m.
Nursing Units:
Nelson 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8
CCU & CVIL (Zayed 5 West)
ECHO (Zayed 4 West)
CHU (Osler 5)
Endoscopy (M2066)
MICU (Zayed 10 East)
PCCU (Bloomberg 5 South)
Mayer 8 (H2-O2) & Meyer 9
October 11: 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
1830 Building:
8th Floor: GIM
7th Floor: Hematology
5th Floor: Pulmonary
4th Floor: Infectious Disease & Nephrology
3rd Floor: Endocrinology
October 23: 1-2:30 p.m.
Bayview: After the State of the Department presentation at Grand Rounds (JHAAC, Grossi Auditorium)
 October 29: 12:30-2 p.m.
Ross 10: Hematology
Blalock 9: Cardiology
Blalock 4: Gastroenterology
Osler 5: Clinical Pharmacology
JHOC: 2 and 7


Below is a special Mission, Vision and Values month edition of Everyday DOM, a blog feature recognizing faculty, staff and trainees who embody our core values in the work they do every day. To see past winners, click here.

If you pass in or out of the 1830 building by way of the third floor it is almost certain you have crossed paths with Clara Williams. Clara has faithfully guarded her post on the third floor for over four years and has worked for Hopkins for 15 years. She will never retire, exclaim her fellow guards who substitute on rare evenings when she is away. Clara affirms that she likes to work and is unlikely to retire. She reads voraciously, and her reading fare tends toward ‘spicy.' She lives with her son, a graduate of the Cary Business School. In addition to reading, she enjoys a good meal, winning lottery tickets and conversation. If you haven’t met her, or our other guards, please introduce yourself and thank them for their faithful service for keeping Johns Hopkins safe.

Lachelle Couplin Mack, administrative coordinator to the Division of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, embodies our core value of integrity in everything she does. She coordinates a variety of functions for clients, independent contractors and remote employees  including monthly billing, contract administration, procurement cards, malpractice and quarterly payments. She always goes the extra mile to ensure Johns Hopkins receives timely and accurate payments for the 50+ clinics we manage across the U.S. and ensures our many independent contractors are paid appropriately. In any given week, she may field multiple calls from clients, employees or contractors inquiring about their bills, reimbursements and/or payments, and resolves the issues to everyone's satisfaction with a smile on her face.

To nominate your employees for future Everyday DOM posts, please submit one paragraph explaining how he/she upholds our core values along with a photo. Please submit nominations to

Core Values

  • Respect: We promote an atmosphere of respect and admiration for our patients, colleagues and communities. We value the diversity among people, their ideas and their points of view, and engage in direct and open communication.
  • Integrity: Our values are not just hollow words. We uphold these values consistently each day and reinforce them with action. We believe in what we do and work hard to improve the state of the department and the surrounding community. We are committed to the promises we make to our patients and to one another.
  • Service: As our mission states: we are people serving people to promote health and alleviate suffering locally and globally. We consider it our duty to explore innovative ways to deliver safe, effective and exceptional care to our patients, to support the well-being of our colleagues, and to serve communities both inside and outside of Hopkins.
  • Equity: We are a department made up of diverse individuals with differing races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientations, backgrounds and talents. We work to ensure the equity and equality of each of our employees and demand the same fairness for our patients that Johns Hopkins himself insisted upon.
  • Excellence: Our department was founded on excellence, and we will never stop striving for greatness. We promote personal and professional development to help the talented individuals that make up our department shine in order to benefit Hopkins, Baltimore and the world.

Kelsey Bennett