Seth Martin, associate professor in the Division of Cardiology, Rosanne Rouf, assistant professor in the Division of Cardiology, and their team including Michael Yu, Bayview resident, and Francoise Marvel, Cardiology fellow, were named one of five international finalists in the Nokia-Medicine X Digital Health Challenge from Stanford Medicine. They were recognized for their efforts to integrate smart health devices (watches, scales, and blood pressure monitors) into the routine care of heart failure patients.

Other researchers involved in this study include Oluwaseun Fashanu, MBBS, MPH; Lochan Shah, BA; Vasanth Sathiyakumar, MD; Sierra Decker; Ali Sobhi Afshar, Ph.D; Ritesh Shrestha, MD; Ryan Demo, BS, MS; Matthias Lee, Ph.D; Bao Chau Ly; Debra Decker; Sami Badra; Robert Buchmeier; and Thomas Fise.

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