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Trends in Clinical Research

The Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network (JHCRN) will be hosting the 4th Annual Trends in Clinical Research on Thursday, November 8 from 1–3 p.m. in the Chevy Chase Auditorium. This year’s keynote topic is “Blurring of the Boundaries between Clinical Research and Clinical Practice,” presented by Jonathan Moreno, David and Lyn University Professor of Ethics at the Perlman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

Other panelist topics include:

The emerging primary nature of the secondary use of health data: Lessons learned at the National Center for Data to Health – Christopher Chute, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

Genetic Testing in EPIC Cohorts – Kathi Huddleston, director, Clinical Research Projects, Inova Translational Medical Institute

An Ethics Framework for Learning Health Care – Nancy Kass, vice provost and Phoebe R. Berman Professor of Bioethics

This is a free symposium open to students, faculty and staff.

To register, visit:


Kelsey Bennett