Mid-Atlantic Microbiome Meet-up: Predictions and the Microbiome

The next Mid-Atlantic Microbiome Meet-up will take place on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at Johns Hopkins University, Homewood Campus in Baltimore. This Winter M3 will focus on Predictions and the Microbiome

The overarching goal of the  Mid-Atlantic Microbiome Meet-up (M3) initiative is to enable and spur interactions within the broad community of scientists interested in microbiome within the (loosely defined) Mid-Atlantic region, including academia, government and industry participants alike. You can contact us at: http://blog.umd.edu/m3/contact/, and join our discussion forum at: https://groups.io/g/m3

Abstracts are due December 14, 2018 at midnight. For more information, visit: https://bio.jhu.edu/events/mid-atlantic-microbiome-meet-up/