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Epic Tip of the Week

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Haiku/Canto - Patient Charts Locked for Editing

If a patient's chart is open on your mobile device, that patient's chart is now locked on other devices or workstations for approximately 20 minutes. Exiting the app will not immediately unlock the patient's chart. To ensure other users can access a chart, you must first exit the patient's record by clicking the Back button in the patient header on your mobile device.

Medication Orders – Designate Pharmacy or Choose Print

  • Previously, if you prescribed a medication with a "Normal" Order Class (electronically prescribing medications), and no pharmacy was listed, the system would automatically change the order to an Order Class of "Print," and a prescription would print out automatically.
  • In Epic 2018, if the Order Class is designated as "Normal," but no pharmacy is listed when the order is signed, the Pharmacy Search window will open.
    • If the prescription should be ordered electronically, search for, select and accept a pharmacy to complete signature.
    • If the prescription should be printed, click cancel in the pharmacy search window, open the Order Composer and change the Order Class to "Print."

In Basket Alert Bar Moved Up

  • The In Basket tool bar has been moved up to the top of the Epic screen.
  • Only three folders will appear across the top, but you can have more folders in your In Basket.
  • Orange folders have high priority messages, whereas gray folders do not.
  • Left click on a folder to jump to In Basket. Right click on a folder to preview your In Basket.

Replace Health Care Agent in the Header with Patient Capacity

In the patient header, Health Care Agent (HCA) has been replaced with Capacity. The goal is to allow providers to easily view and understand the patient's ability to make decisions. The options are full capacity, incapacitated and needs review. Right click on Capacity to go to the Capacity & Advance Care Planning activity.

Screenshots of these features can be found here:

Epic upgrade training materials can be found here:


Kelsey Bennett