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February Updates

Winter weather will be behind us soon! We appreciate all our staff who weathered the snow, ice and cold to come to work during our most recent winter weather events. Neither event was declared significant enough to open the Hospital Command Center, but we did have many staff who awoke early, shoveled snow, salted ice, packed a bag and stayed overnight or during the day to be available for patient care. We appreciate you, and know that our patients do also!

Epic Upgrade

On February 9-10, we had a very successful Epic upgrade. Information and training had been prepared ahead of the upgrade, and we are very thankful to our nurse educators who opened a command center and rounded around the clock that weekend and for days afterwards to assure safe use of the new software.

Thank You, Sondra Garlic

It is with gratitude that we say goodbye to Sondra Garlic, MSN, RN, nurse manager of Nelson 4 and Osler 5 after 31 years. Sondra has served as a nurse on Halsted 5, our former cardiac telemetry unit, then as a medical shift coordinator prior to moving into the role as a nurse manager. Sondra served as the former Osler 8 (Polk) nurse manager before moving the unit to Nelson 4 when it merged with the pulmonary service. Sondra also managed Osler 5. We recognize Sondra for her collaboration with departments necessary for our operations, and her persistence that has fostered a better environment for our clinical units and support departments. We wish Sondra best wishes in her future endeavors.

Goodbye, Holley Farley

We are also saying goodbye to Holley Farley, RN, NCIII, Hospitalist Unit. Holley worked on the Hospitalist Unit for six years as an RN before moving up the ladder to become a NCIII, and has been a vital part of the unit’s safety, service, quality improvement and research committees as well as editor of the unit newsletter. Holley is transferring to central nursing in mid-March where she will become the clinical coordinator for nursing quality.

Joint Commission

We will be having our ongoing preparation for an impending hospital-wide triennial Joint Commission survey between March and the end of May. We need all staff to help in this preparation.

Lindsay Rice

Lindsay Rice, BSN, CWCN, NCIIE on PCCU and Wound Care will be transitioning to more hours as a specialty nurse in Wound Care mid-April. Lindsay has been working in a part-time role as specialty nurse and NCIIE on the PCCU since December 2016. Lindsay’s expanded hours will allow for better coverage on this important magnet indicator of wound prevention for our large department with many long term stay patients at high risk for pressure injuries. Through the strong, ongoing efforts of Lindsay, Amanda Owen, our wound care experts and clinicians, our pressure injuries have decreased.

Culture of Safety Debriefs

Culture of Safety Debriefs are almost completed. Action Plans from each area are due by April 20 with one intervention implemented by August 30.

Gallup Surveys

The 2019 Gallup Engagement & R.N. Surveys will be conducted March 4-24, and will feature the traditional 12 questions from Gallup and 18 additional questions about workplace experience. On average it will take 5-7 minutes to complete. Input from all personnel will help us have a more thorough understanding or engagement.


Telesitter use will soon be available to all Department of Medicine inpatient areas. The technology was implemented in July 2018 with success in helping supply an appropriate electronic sitter for patients with additional safety needs. Variables are being collected to determine total impact. Expansion by more devices is planned for the coming fiscal year.

Behavioral Plan

The Behavioral Plan will be implemented in the remaining inpatient, non-IMC, non-ICU units in the spring. The plan provides a way for the clinical team to identify and set limits, with consequences, for problematic patient behaviors.


Kelsey Bennett