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Epic Tip of the Week

Haiku and Canto Now Require iOS Version 11 or Later

  • Clinicians using older iOS devices that do not support iOS 11 will not be able to install the latest version of Haiku or Canto and will not continue to receive automatic Haiku updates.
  • After the June 2019 Hopkins Epic upgrade, users with older iOS versions will not be able to log into Haiku or Canto.
  • Android users are not affected by this change. Rover will continue to be available on devices running iOS 9.0 or newer.

Haiku/Canto/Rover - Media Review Now Available on Android Devices

Haiku, Canto or Rover users can now browse clinical images, documents and other media using Android devices. Access the images through the media activity in JPG, JPEG, JPE, JFIF, JFI, JIF, GIF, PNG, BMP and WEBP formats. PDFs and audio files appear in the list, but are not supported by Android devices. To quickly capture a new image, tap the plus button. This feature is already available to iOS users in Haiku and Canto including PDF and TIFF file formats.

Fix to Prevent Immunization Administration Errors

There have been frequent instances where the wrong vaccine has been administered to a patient because the vaccines listed had similar names. To avoid confusion and prevent patient safety issues, several vaccine names will also display the brand name in parentheses.

  • Pneumococcal Polysaccharide (Pneumovax 23) Vaccine 23-valent Greater than or Equal to 2YO subcutaneous/IM
  • Pneumococcal conjugate (Prevnar 13) vaccine 13-valent IM  

Screenshots of these features can be found here:

Epic upgrade training materials can be found here:


Kelsey Bennett