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Epic Tip of the Week

Inpatient - Create a Copy Feature for Discharge Medication Ordering

  • When a provider creates multiple versions of a discharge medication order such as ordering a taper or other series of "daisy chained" prescriptions with overlapping start and end dates, use the Create a Copy
  • Right-click on the medication order and select Create a Copy in the menu. This will open a new Order Composer window for the next order of the medication. Click Accept and Sign Orders when ready.

Save a Click When Signing Orders with Missing Requirements

Previously, a warning message appeared when a provider attempted to sign an order with missing requirements. This warning will be removed and the Order Composer will immediately open for the provider to address the missing requirements.

Users Can Pick Their Preferred Note Preview

  • Clinicians can now control the layout of the notes activity. Users can choose to show or hide certain details by clicking the wrench icon next to the sort function.
  • A Note List Personalization window will display for users to customize the layout, always show and default width options. 

Screenshots of these features can be found here:

Epic upgrade training materials can be found here:


Kelsey Bennett